sympa4-hu is a set of changes to Sympa 4.1.5, in order to better support internationalization, the Latin-2 character set and the Hungarian language. An improved and functionally complete Hungarian translation is also provided.

For a more detailed discussion about the changes introduced in sympa4-hu, please read the SympaMagyarítás wiki page (in Hungarian language).

List of changes in sympa4-hu

Merging sympa4-hu to Sympa

If you are a Sympa developer, and you'd like to merge the changes made in sympa4-hu to the main Sympa, please download these patces and merge them to Sympa 4.1.5:

code patch All the changes introduced here are useful for all languages (not only Hungarian). See above for the detailed list of fixes.
translations This improves mostly the Hungarian translation, which was previously completely out-of-sync with the US-English one, even some HTML form widgets were missing (i.e. it was impossible to create a new shared folder). Please note, however, that the translation is not finished, and there are still some English paragraphs in it. The message translations (*.msg), even for those not for the Hungarian language, also reside here. Please apply the code patch first, otherwise it won't work (because it uses the improved thempalte

Installation to a Debian Sarge system

Download the sympa4-hu distribution from .

Make sure you have a Debian Sarge system.


# dpkg -l sympa

Ensure that the version number of your installed Sympa is 4.1.5.

Make sure your Sympa is properly configured.

If you are planning to use Hungarian as the main language of Sympa (including the language of generated e-mails), ensure you have the following line in /etc/sympa/sympa.conf:

lang hu

In the sympa4-hu distribution directory, run this:

# ./

As an alternative, you may set the main language like this:

# ./ SYMPA_LANG=hu

Installation to other UNIX systems (building Sympa from source)

Download the sympa4-hu distribution from .

Download Sympa 4.1.5 from

Extract the Sympa distribution, and extract the sympa4-hu distribution.

Copy the contents in the bypts folder in sympa4-hu distribution to the Sympa distribution, overriding some files there.

Proceed with normal Sympa installation.